Release Date:2018


A young CIA analyst Joe Turner, whose idealism is tested when he joins the CIA hoping to reform it from within but stumbles onto a terrible but brilliant plan that threatens the lives of millions.


  • S 2  , Ep10  Not Necessarily to Lose   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep09  The Greatest Hazard   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep08  The Road We Take   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep07  A Perspective, Not the Truth   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep06  An Offer of Enrollment   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep05  Out Of His Exile   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep04  Not What He Thinks He Is   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep03  A Former KGB Man   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep02  If It Serves a Greater Good   NA   EUR   Free
  • S 2  , Ep01  Exile Is a Dream   NA   EUR   Free
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